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A stroke can be a life-altering experience for your loved one. It can also bring about major changes in your life. You may be asking yourself, “Where do we go from here?” or “How will I manage all my responsibilities?” As caregiver for a stroke survivor, you play a vital role in the journey toward recovery. This role comes with both rewards and challenges, and you may have many questions and concerns.

Passport to Progress is designed to provide education and support throughout the journey you and your loved one are about to embark upon.

Your experience as a caregiver may include supporting your loved one through all or just a few of the stages in the post-stroke journey shown below.

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Use this 5-point questionnaire to help you start the conversation about spasticity with your doctor
Spasticity Quiz
How much muscle stiffness/tightness do you experience during rest, movement, or sleep?
How difficult is it to straighten, bend, or flex your limbs due to muscle stiffness/tightness?
How bad are any muscle spasms/twitches you experience?
Are the muscle stiffness/tightness and/or spasms you experience associated with pain?
Over the past month, how bothersome has your muscle stiffness/tightness and/or spasms been?

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Email or download your responses and take them with you to your next doctor’s appointment. Together, you can determine if you have spasticity and what your treatment options may be.

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